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Nanotechnology - Videos

Nanotechnology videos
The first video shows the world's smallest radio from a single fiber of a carbon nanotube. "A single carbon nanotube molecule serves simultaneously as all essential components of a radio - antenna, tunable band-pass filter, amplifier and demodulator," physicist Alex Zettl of the University of California at Berkeley. "Using carrier waves in the commercially relevant 40-400 MHz range and both frequency and amplitude modulation (FM and AM), we were able to demonstrate successful music and voice reception." The nanotechnology video shows the nano radio playing the star wars theme.

The other nanotechnology videos were generated from Scanning Probe Microscope images and SPIP software and are available from Nanoscience Instruments.



Nano radio - Courtesy Zettl Research Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California at Berkeley
HOPG Atoms Atomic resolution of HOPG
STM - 2nm x 2nm scan size
AFM of Pt Platinum Coating
AFM - 11.9 micron scan size
DDB Molecules DDB Self-assembled monolayer
STM - 10 nm scan size
AFM calibration posts Characterization standard - vertical "posts"
AFM - 5 micron scan size
AFM Calibration grid AFM calibration grid
AFM - 75 micron scan size
AFM Tip check sample Probe tip checking standard
AFM - 5 micron scan size
c60 molecules
UHV STM of 1nm C60 molecules
EC-STM of CdSO4 in electrolyte
AFM of polymer surface
Electrochemistry of Te
Electrochemistry of Te
STM of Under Potential Deposition of Te on Au(111)

More nanotechnology videos can be viewed at the NASA nanotechnology site >


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